Monday, August 10, 2015

McHenry County Historical Society and Museum, 8/05/2015

The campground where we are staying is about 50 miles from Chicago, so today we decided to learn more about the local history here. This small museum was only a few miles away.  

Opened in 1963, there are many interesting artifacts of the area on display here. Basically, there are three exhibit rooms  Here are some that we enjoyed.

Apple press and weaving loom.

Sunburst Quilt (c 1860) and Crazy Quilt with Log Cabin Border (c 1880).

Carriage; US Postal Service carriage for rural delivery initially to 80 residents; and Dairy Delivery carriage.

There are two structures that have been re-located to the museum: the first an outhouse (a bit strange)  and the second, a tourist cabin from a nearby resort (furnished and pretty cool).

Drug Store and Hardware Store exhibits.

Cannonball Currency Safe purchased in 1889 by the State Bank of Woodstock weighed 3,000 pounds.

1916 jail cell used in Union, IL.

RCA Radios and Oliver Typewriters that were produced in the county until the early 1900s.

There is an interesting exhibit on the second floor of the Museum, "Bottles, Barrels & Brews: McHenry County on Tap" that highlights Woodstock Brewing and Bottling Company founded in 1858; the McHenry Brewery founded in 1868; and the Huntley Brewing Company in 1933. The Bubbling Over was a notorious speakeasy roadhouse in McHenry County that operated during Prohibition. 

Gambling devices of the era.

Exhibits on the breweries.

1895 Schoolhouse.

Admission is $5/adults and $3/seniors, although we did also make a donation. We were pleasantly surprised with the exhibits we found here. The Historical Society has done a stellar job of preserving the unique history of the area. See their web site for additional information about the activities here, hours of operation, etc. 

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