Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ohio Statehouse, 7/26/2015

After visiting the Columbus Museum of Art in downtown Columbus, we made our way to the Ohio Statehouse. 

The building is an example of Greek Revival architecture. Completed in 1861, it was restored to its original appearance and is one of the oldest working statehouses in the United States. Guided tours (approximately 45 minutes) are provided daily and video and audio podcast tours are available via iTunes ("Capitol Ohio"). Also, cell phone audio tours can be used to explore the 10 acres of Statehouse grounds. We embarked on a self-guided tour starting at the Ohio Statehouse Museum on the ground level floor.

Map of Ohio and its counties that is installed in the floor of Museum.

The Museum level of the Statehouse.

Model of the 2000 Ohio State Fair that is held annually here (end of July/early August).

Very interesting display of Ohio's heroes through the years. 

Loved these quotes that were displayed among various exhibits on education, government, etc.

Comissioned by the US Treasury Department, this full-size Liberty Bell is one of 55 that was presented to states and territories in 1950.

Marble sculptures of Abraham Lincoln (by Charles Niehaus, 1890) and Salmon P. Chase (by T.D. Jones, c 1860).

Stoneware water cooler (c 1845) and parade drum (c 1890).

Restored stagecoach (c 1853) for 9 passengers was pulled by 4 horses (who had to be swapped frequently).

Views to and from the rotunda.

Lincoln & Soldiers' Monument that represents the surrender of Vicksburg; and Perry's Victory on Lake Erie (War of 1812).

The dome in the rotunda...beautiful.

We met some fellow RVers at Betty's RV Park in Louisiana that told us they were embarking on a tour of state capitols, and I am starting to think we should do the same! This was a very enjoyable experience that we shared with my brother and sister-in-law. Our niece (a 4th grade teacher) told us that they bring their kids here every year for a field trip and that it's always a big hit. The exhibits are really nice and the architecture of the building is pretty incredible. 

Located near the Statehouse is the beautiful and historic Trinity Episcopal Church. It was organized in 1817 and this building was erected in 1869.

See their website for information on tours, hours of operation, the Capitol Cafe, and the  Statehouse Museum Shop. Because we visited on a Sunday afternoon, both the Cafe and Museum Shop were closed. 

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