Monday, August 10, 2015

Montrose Dog Beach (Chicago), 8/06/2015

This is an off-leash, dog-friendly beach, north of Montrose Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan. The beach is fenced and free parking is nearby. Our doggy, Sadie, had the best time ever here!!

Here's Sadie catching her frisbee and kicking up her heels in the lake. 

Sadie meeting and playing with new friends.

John and Amanda; and Justine, enjoying the water.

Amanda and Sadie had fun hanging out together!

There is a NO FOOD rule at this beach, as dogs will be sure to sniff it out and try to eat it! Also, you may want to bring a chair as blankets on the sand will likely be trampled by dogs and may even get peed on! 

We did not see any aggressive behaviors by the many dogs here. You do need to keep track of your doggy toys, though, as other dogs will join in the fun. This was not an issue for us. Actually, Sadie was much more interested in playing with her new-found friends than in catching her frisbee!

We crossed over to Montrose Beach (no dogs) and walked down to the public rest rooms. Concessions and The Dock Restaurant can also be found there. Volleyball nets/balls can be rented as well. 

We loved this beach and had a great time enjoying the sun, sand, and dogs! If you have a dog, be sure to let him/her enjoy the freedom of running around here when you are in Chicago. Who knew there was such a nice dog park in a large metropolitan area?!?


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