Monday, May 5, 2014

75 Days In - What We Have Learned thus Far

It has been 75 days since we left our house in Nottingham, PA, to begin our new retirement lifestyle. Here are some things I know now that I did not know on 2/21/14; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good:
  1. I appreciate all things in nature more now.
  2. The sense of freedom is wonderful.
  3. John is the best and I am reminded of this every day. And Sadie is so much fun!
  4. Our motor coach is big enough for my liking.
  5. We have learned how to deal with the tow dolly and securing the Mini Cooper on it.
  6. Travelling more than 1,000 miles in three days was fine.
  7. Propane is lasting much longer than expected.
  8. We have plans/reservations through January 2015 (when we left PA we only had reservations for 2 months).
The Bad:
  1. I do not like dry camping (boondooking) as much as I thought I would. I prefer a nice comfy RV resort with full hookup (electricity, water, sewage, cable, wifi), pool, laundry and all of that good stuff.
  2. John prefers to drive (meaning that he does not want me to!) Driving through tunnels, over bridges, and when it is windy can be challenging.
  3. We need to decide where we want to stop well in advance because we cannot back up when towing the car (and we need pretty much room to turn around as we are over 50' long in total).
  4. Fuel is expensive, but we are currently only driving the motor coach about once a month so the cost is what we expected.
The Ugly:
  1. Dealing with the water/sewage system in a motor coach is not much fun. We have had several experiences that are not very pleasant that I will not describe in great detail here (that's a discussion over cocktails one night). But we have pretty much figured this out now.
  2. We overloaded the generator one night without understanding how to reset. This resulted in no air conditioning (one very hot/humid night in AL) or any other power into the motor coach. After a phone call to Monaco tech support, we resolved this. 
  3. We continue to encounter situations about how things work in the motor coach that we do not fully understand. It is a real educational experience as well as a frustrating one. 
Tonight I am counting my blessings and feeling thankful for this time in my life.

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