Tuesday, May 13, 2014

San Fernando Cathedral - San Antonio - 5/13/14

This twin-towered, gold-domed cathedral was built by settlers from the Canary Islands in 1734.  It is the oldest cathedral sanctuary in the US as well as the oldest cathedral sanctuary in Texas. We enjoyed seeing the architecture of this structure.

The interior of the cathedral is filled with beautiful, arched stained glass windows, statues, and a very beautiful altar. It is a very sacred place.

During the Battle of the Alamo, Mexican General Santa Anna raised the flag of "no quarter" from one of the towers in 1836. This notified the defenders of the Alamo that it would be a fight to the death, and so it was. Those that survived the battle were executed.

The cathedral has played a major role in the history of San Antonio for the last 280 years...a beautiful part of the fabric of San Antonio.

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