Wednesday, May 14, 2014

San Antonio Zoological Gardens and Aquarium - 5/14/14

Celebrating 100 years since opening in 1914, the San Antonio Zoo is the third largest animal collection in North America with over 800 different species. It is about 5 acres and is located in a limestone rock quarry that has been very useful in creating a natural environment for many of the animals with barless cages and open pits/ditches.

Here are some photos of some of the amazing animals we saw during our visit.

Cheetah amid flowers.

Leopard enjoying the shade.

Tiger (also enjoying the shade).

Three addax.



Rhino (taking a potty break in the first photo).


Elephant ... enjoying lunch.

Hippo (underwater).

Two hippo behinds - plus one with his eyes out of the water.

Tangled up rattlesnakes.

See the head on this 22-foot python?

Mates, I think.

Komodo dragon.

Turtle is chowing down on that prickly pear plant (while the lizard casually watches).

Alligator - this guy posed just at the right time.

Giant anteater - what a bizarre looking creature!

Porcupine enjoying lunch.

Ostriches (they lay 3 pound eggs!)

Roseate Spoonbill.

Nesting Scarlet Ibis.


Who doesn't love an old-fashioned zoo carousel?!?

Cost is $12/adults and$9/50 for seniors. It was well worth it. I've been to so many zoos, that I was on the fence as to whether we would visit this one. But, honestly, we had a great time as the diversity in the animal kingdom continues to amaze me.

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