Saturday, May 24, 2014

Games, Games and more Games

Some have asked what our day-to-day lives are like and what we enjoy doing together. Well, folks, I am and have always been a lover of games (not mind games, of course, but fun board, card, word, dice, etc., games) - of all sorts.

Fortunately, John indulges me in this obsession and we play something every day.  So, here is my list of favorite games at this phase in my life (retirement!) Most I have been playing for years.

The sequence of the list is based on the frequency of play. The truth is that we play some games in binges, but this is a relatively accurate list.

1.  Banagrams -  Love this game!

2.  Words with Friends (on-line) - I am addicted to this word game. And it has really helped me play Banagrams! It also is a great way for me to keep in touch with friends from home as I have many games in play all of the time. John and I usually have a couple of games in play (although I sometimes have to give him "nudge").

3.  Hangman - My favorite past-time in a restaurant after we have ordered (and are waiting for) our food. I always carry a small notebook and pen for just this purpose.

4.  Backgammon - Love this ancient game (dates from 3000 BC) for two players. We always play a series (best of 2 out of 3 or 3 of 5 games). Of course, both strategy and roll of the dice are required to win.

5.  Gin - A old-time classic. We play the two-handed, deal 11 cards to one player and 10 to the dealer to start, hold all the cards in your hand type.

6.  Yahtze - This dice game was invented by a Canadian couple in 1954 who played it on their yacht with their friends. When we purchased "Destiny," of course, I had to buy a nice game to play on board. It's still a favorite. John usually wins this one for some unknown reason.

7.  Qwerkle - Our daughter, Amanda, introduced to this game of shapes and colored pieces. It's really fun! Play it if you ever get the chance. Both strategy and luck required to win!

8.  Dice Capades - This is another one introduced to us by Amanda and Justine. Really a lot of fun with 4 people. It is not just the roll of the dice but the smartness of the roller.

9.  Clue We played this as kids and I always loved it. John and I played several games the other day and I found I love it still!

10. Spades (best with 4 players). An old stand-by when a foursome is available. There is a two-handed or three-handed version, but not as much fun as the 4-way with partners.

Honorable mentions.
- Cribbage: I love this game, but need to entice John into playing it.
- Charades: This game is so fun with a crowd! The challenge is getting it started. But again, this is not something John enjoys (being the introvert that he is!)

Favorite solitary games that I play when everyone else is sick of games.
- Sudoko
- Crossword puzzles

Outdoor games.
- Miniature Golf 
- Horseshoes (is my favorite)
- Basketball (is John's fav)
- Frisbee (is Sadie's fav)

The reasons I enjoy these activities so much?
  • Connecting with others
  • Mental stimulation
  • Competitiveness (What can I say, I was born competitive. But so is John, so this works out just fine!)
Let me know if you have a favorite that we should check out.  If we ever meet up some where on our travels, let's play!

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