Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spanish Governor's Palace - San Antonio - 5/13/14

 This is a National Historic Landmark of the last remnants of the Presidio San Antonio de BeJar.  In 1722 the governor of Cohuila and Tejas, established the residence and working office for the Captain of the Presidio. At that time the population of San Antonio was about 300 people.

This building is the only remaining Spanish Colonial residence in Texas. Over the entrance is a carved keystone with the Hapsburg coat of arms the indicates the construction was finished in 1749. The carved front doors tell the story of Spanish exploration in the new world.

The walls are about 3' feet thick, the floors are stone, and the rooms contain original Spanish-period furnishing.

Captain's Office
Living Room
Dining Room

Most rooms had these niches used to display religious items.

Chest used to store important documents. Most had "secret" compartments for an added measure of security.
Passageway to second floor.

A large cobblestone patio with a fountain and gardens is at the rear. Be sure to check it out.

It is traditionally known as the Spanish Governor's Palace - but it's not much of a palace nor did any Spanish governor live here.

Below is a work of art entitled "Conquistador" and a modern-day one standing next to it.

Admission was $3/seniors.  The San Fernando Cathedral is a block away, so would highly recommend visiting it if you go to the Spalnish Governor's Palace.

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