Friday, May 16, 2014

San Antonio Botanical Garden - 5/16/14

The botanical center is a 38-acre garden that recreates three regional landscapes: East Texas piney woods, Southwest Texas plains, and Central Texas Hill country. It is one of the top 10 botanical centers in the country. The Lucille Halsell Conservatory is climate-controlled and has a tropical house, desert house, palm house and fern room that are all amazing.

Rock wall garden.

The collection of lilies were my favorite...what vibrant colors.


Bees, too...

Various perennials.

Wisteria arbor (this must be incredible when in bloom...)


Adorable little castle in the garden for the blind.

Loved this sculpture also in the garden for the blind.

Japanese garden.

The path of tranquility.

Water lilies.

Tropical house.

Palm House.

Desert house and Cactus and Succulent Garden.

Flowering cacti.

East Texas piney woods.

The Schumacher House.

The Auld House.


Admission is $8/adults, $6/seniors. Because I am from southeastern PA, I have long loved Longwood Gardens and have never seen anything to compare. I can honestly say that this place was really exceptional. We totally enjoyed our visit. The exhibits are amazing. Don't miss this beautiful and tranquil setting if you are in the San Antonio. We went during a weekday so it was not crowded and we were able to enjoy the serenity of these gardens.

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