Wednesday, May 28, 2014

San Antonio Museum of Art - 5/27/14

Wow!! This museum had so much more beautiful and unique artwork than we expected. It is an absolutely amazing art museum with fascinating pieces from ancient to contemporary times.  Don't miss it.

Egyptian artifacts

Grecian urns and jars

Gold diadem (adornment worn by a woman around her head)

Gold wreath of leaves and acorns (300 BC); also worn on the head

Roman - Statue of MarcusAurelius
Athena - goddess of wisdom

Roman - Deer Hunters Sarcophagus

Indian - Buddha

Buddhist shrine for a residence 

Chinese screens

Palaquin - wheel-less carriage used to transport VIPs; 4-6 individuals carried it

John would not have fit into one of those little things!

Tomb guardians - Sui and T'ang Dynasty - intended to keep the souls from wandering

T'ang Dynastic horse - earthenware with sancai glaze - characteristic of tomb ceramics

Japanese jar
Japanese kimono

Chinese jar- Yuan Dynasty

Chinese Jar - Ming Dynasty
Chinese Jar - Qing Dynasty

Qing Dynasty - One-hundred deer vase

Chinese woman's bedroom - usually the furniture was her dowry with the bed being the most important item as it represented her role as the sexual partner and bearer of sons. She also embroidered, sewed, and received her female guests while sitting on her bed.

Iranian painted door

Papua New Guinea artifacts

Basketry of a wild hog

Hawaiian bowls

Male figure - Caroline Islands, Micronesia

Masks and figural staffs connected to secret societies - New Britain, Melanesia

Amazing collection of silver crafted in Dublin, Ireland

Commissioned by Queen Victoria

Contemporary Works - 
Dragon Lady

Admission was $10/adults and $7/seniors over 65. Free admission Tuesdays after 4 pm.  Amazing collections presented in exquisite displays.

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