Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spanish Missions - Concepcion - 5/08/14

Like the San Juan and Espada missions, Concepcion was transferred from East Texas in 1731 to its present location. The church looks like it did in the mid-1700s. Missionaries worked to replace the Native American rituals with religious festivals and Christian teachings. Native Americans were recognized as a convert to Catholicism when they took the sacraments.

Exterior architecture of the church.

The church.

Interior of church.

Side chapel.

Prayer garden on the grounds in memory of a parish priest. Beautiful.

Concepcion is south of the Alamo and north of the San Juan Mission. As with the others missions, admission is free and dogs are allowed on the grounds but not the buildings.

All churches are active parishes (although renovations are underway at Espada at this time). If you are ever in San Antonio, these National Historical Parks should be on your must see list (if you love history as much as we do!)

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