Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Witte Museum - San Antonio - 5/13/14

The Witte Museum, named for a San Antonio businessman who contributed funds to the city for a museum of science and nature, was established in 1926. It is dedicated to natural history, science, and South Texas history.  Permanent collections include historic artifacts and photographs, Texas art, textiles, Hertzberg Circus collection, dinosaur bones, and cave drawings.

Petrified wood

Our favorite display was the expansive South Texas Heritage Center.

Texas long horn!

1870s mail wagon used on the King Ranch

Authentic weapons used during Native American wars in Texas region

Apache headdress adorned with eagle feathers (this was stunning in person)

Native American artifacts.

Variety of rifles and handguns from the era. Note the carved ivory handles on some of the handguns.

Portable jail

Small hand gun designed to be carried on a horse bridle.

Typical bedroom

Bathtub (believe me, only a very small person would fit in that thing!)

Log cabin of the era.

Beautiful display of dresses worn at the annual Fiesta Festival.

We visited the Witte on a Tuesday afternoon as admission is free from 3:00 - 8:00 pm every Tuesday. At other times general admission is $10/adults and $9/seniors. There was a large group of elementary-aged kids when we were there that were very rowdy and not well managed by the adults with them.

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