Friday, July 4, 2014

Firecracker Sadie Hester Birthday - 7/04/14

Today we celebrate the birth of our nation (1776) and the birth of our sweet doggy (2010),  Sadie. We adopted her in August of 2010.

Sadie eating her birthday treat on her first birthday (2011)

Sadie eating her birthday treat on her second birthday (2012).

Sadie and her birthday gifts (toy football, new patriotic scarf, and stuffed bear [it sang "happy birthday" when squeezed]) on her third birthday (2013).

Happy 4th birthday, Sadie!  Here she is waiting for the okay from John to attack her new ducky and snake toys and get one of her absolutely favorite treats, Milo's Chicken Meatballs.

The squeaky snake seems to be her favorite.

Isn't she cute?  Well, we think so...

PS  Beware! This is what happens when you get old and your kids are all grown up.

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