Saturday, July 19, 2014

Welcome to Wyoming - 7/19/14

We are travelling from Colorado to Custer, SD, today and our route takes us through Wyoming. This is the first time either of us have visited this state. I have learned that many of these western states have great welcome centers, so we stopped at the Southeastern Wyoming Welcome Center shortly after crossing the state line into Wyoming to stretch our legs and let Sadie out for a romp.

Honestly, this welcome center is a mini-museum with exhibits about the state and tons of free stuff: state map, 2014 visitors guide, and a 100+ other brochures. Those of you that know me well, know that I love maps, so all of this free information makes me very happy. (So easy to please, right?)

On display here is the largest Columbian mammoth in the world! Named Dee, after the bulldozer operator that discovered his bones in 2006 while excavating for an oil drilling pad, it is an 11,600 year old male mammoth. Dee was 65-70 years old when he died and weighed approximately 22,000 pounds (5,500 pounds more than an average African elephant). Columbian mammoths were found only in North and Central America and are different from woolly mammoths (taller, heavier, and less shaggy).

Westward ho!
Antique jail.

Oh my, look who they just captured!

Native American display.

Mountain biking and rock climbing.

We are enjoying the scenery here (different from CO!) as we continue northbound on I-25. We'll boondock somewhere tonight and then check into the RV resort tomorrow in Custer, SD.

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